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Fortis Foundations provide civil engineering products and services, with expertise in foundations and piling to the Rail, Civils, Energy, Residential and Water sectors.

With over 20 years of Rail and Construction industry experience, our family-run company provides expert advice and cost-effective solutions to all sectors looking for experts that they can rely on. Delivering safe and sustainable solutions at the forefront of innovation and technology, ensuring the highest quality results first time, every time. We can assist clients from advisory and design to compliance and delivery, providing tailor-made solutions to meet clients’ needs. Our staff are chartered members of a number of professional institutions and we uphold the continued professional development of our teams.

Being able to offer all of these cross industry complementary services means that we can provide a complete service for our clients from site investigation, consulting and design through to delivery and installation on site; managed and implemented in-house by our experienced and skilled teams.

We value: Safety, Collaboration, Respect, Integrity
Qualified Specialists.

Every project has a highly skilled, trained and well-equipped team

Each team is overseen by a fully qualified Manager. As a minimum requirement our teams hold the below relevant qualifications:


Site Managers

Site Manager Safety Training Certificates (SMSTS), CSCS Black Card, PTS.

Site supervisors

Site Supervisor Safety Training Certificates (SSSTS) CSCS Gold Card, PTS.

Contractors & personnel

CSCS, Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) cards, PTS.

The finest civil engineering products and services...


Our professional teams are experienced in installing all types of piled foundations on a vast range of projects and environments...

Civil Engineering

We provide a wide range of civil engineering and minor building services which include design, planning and installation...

Design, Resource & Planning

Our in-house design and team can provide a fully comprehensive design adhering to all relevant British Standards and/or Eurocodes...

Ground Investigation

Our team can effectively complete ground investigation including: trial pits, trial trenches, dynamic sampling and probing...

Foundations & Underpinning

We assist home owners, architects, developers and commercial clients with making an informed decision as to which foundation best suits their needs...


Fortis provide locally trusted services for all types of groundworks and design...


Our professional teams are experienced in installing all types of piled foundations on a vast range of projects and environments.

From OLE masts on the railway to foundations to extend your growing home, we have the right team for you. With our knowledge and design service, all schemes can be looked at in depth and value engineered for any proposed piling requirements.

We pride ourselves in the collaborative relationships we build and maintain with our clients. Our open and honest approach means total confidence in the service we provide and the foundations we install.

CHS / Sheet Piles
Movax Side-Grip vibro is a very productive excavator/RRV mounted pile driver and extractor. The same unit can handle, pitch and drive the sheet piles to a very accurate level including rakes. It is capable to accomplish the whole pile driving process without need of manual handling of the piles or assisting machinery. That mean no cranes, forklifts, framework and less labour. Giving you a dependable service at a very low cost.

The Side-Grip combined with the excavator/RRV is an effective solution for pile driving on most sites from open areas to confined spaces or limited headroom. An advanced Auto control system makes the operating accurate and easier, it is the safest and fastest method of piling
CFA Board Piles
Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piling is when a continuous auger (hollow stem) is drilled into the ground to the required depth. Once the required depth is achieved, concrete is installed via the piling rig and through the hollow stem auger. The auger is then slowly withdrawn, and reinforced steel cages are instantly installed. This method is relatively vibration and noise-free, making it ideal for inner-city developments and projects in built-up areas.
Driven Piles
We offer 150mm to 300mm steel cased driven piles which are displacement piles typically used in poor ground where the piles are used for end bearing in a dense strata at depth. This is not vibration free and care should be taken when works are carried out either within or adjacent to existing structures. (Low frequency, high impact)
Rotary Bored Piles
This method uses sectional flight auger sections at varying diameters 200mm to 600mm to form piles to the design founding levels through dry/self – supporting cohesive substrata.
Restricted Access Piling
Fortis caters for restricted access, low headroom sites that require mini piling. Our mini rigs can work in as little as 2.0m of headroom and fit through a standard door way. We have a variety of systems and diameters to cater for different ground conditions / structural loads and site constraints.
Retaining Walls
Fortis cater for a range of retaining wall options - from contiguous and secant retaining walls, installed using the continuous flight augured method; or King Post retaining walls which can be installed by driven or CFA piling techniques.

Civil Engineering.

At Fortis we provide a wide range of civil engineering and minor building services which include design, planning and installation.

Our experienced and fully qualified teams are multi-skilled and hold numerous skilled competences. Our teams range from PTS, LUL, CSCS-CPCS, SSSTS -SMSTS through to Planners, Construction and Project Managers.

Our projects include both Civil and Railway infrastructure works such as design, surveys and setting out, foundations, piling, sheet piling, platforms, repairs and refurbishments, drainage works, UTX’s, earthworks, lineside structures and bases, steel works, level crossings, brick work and repairs to name a few.

  • Trial Holes

  • Excavation and installation of concrete bases

  • Installation of all Piled foundations

  • Erection and installation of OHL Gantry structures (masts, booms)

  • REB, LOC and DNO foundations and platform installations
    (GI, Design & Install)

  • Platform renewals and refurbishments
  • Cess Retention

  • De-vegetation

  • Piling and Soil nails

  • Rabbit Netting

  • Gabian Walls
  • Cess walkways and troughing routes

  • Fencing and Access stairways

  • Site compound establishment and access road

Design, Resource & Planning .

Our in-house design and team can provide a fully comprehensive design from a simple pile and beam solution to a fully integrated Form 1, 2 and 3 design adhering to all relevant British Standards and/or Eurocodes. We are able to supply the associated design and construction CRE’s to allow the design process to progress efficiently between the GRIP stages ensuring “right first time” and maximum team collaboration.

Safety-critical Possessions


Access planning and Management


Asset Management Planning


SSOW Planning

Here at Fortis we understand the continual change and complexities around the project life cycles and so take an agile approach and offer flexibility around your requirements. Highly experienced and competent workforce available for all types of construction projects from long term contracts to an ad-hoc basis:

We provide the following labour services:

  • PTS

  • Track Workers

  • Ground Workers

  • Piling Operatives & Operators
  • Crane Controllers

  • COSS / SWL

  • Engineers

  • Site Manager / Supervisors
  • Constructions Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Design CRE’s

  • Construction CRE’s

Ground Investigation.

Trial pits and trial trenches provide an effective and efficient method of ground investigation. They allow a large volume of the ground to be inspected and tested in-situ, including hand shear vane, soakaway and CBR testing. As well as enabling samples to be taken for geotechnical and contamination testing, trial pits and trenches can be useful in mining and foundation investigations.
Also known as windowless sampling or window sampling, dynamic sampling forms a fundamental part of contemporary ground investigation.The dynamic sampling rig can access restricted areas and causes minimal site disturbance. In-situ Standard Penetration Tests (SPTs) can be undertaken using the dynamic sampling rig to provide information for foundation design. Gas/groundwater monitoring wells and instrumentation can also be installed in the boreholes.

Depths of up to 6-8m can typically be achieved using dynamic sampling techniques. Greater depths can be attained by dynamic probing using the same rig and provides a relative strength with depth profile. On sites where access is particularly restricted, hand-held (jack-hammer) window sampling or air probe techniques can be used.

All work is carried out in accordance with current legislation and best practice, including BS5930, BS10175, BS1377, CLR11 and Eurocode 7.

Foundations & Underpinning.

Fortis are able to offer solutions for your foundation requirement whether it be a piled Ground Beam or Reinforced Concrete Raft to Traditional Underpinning and Needle Beam supporting systems. Fortis can assist home owners, architects, developers and commercial clients with making an informed decision as to which foundation best suits their needs.

Fortis can provide a fully compliant design and our on-site engineers can assist with local planning control or project engineers for a swift response to any issues faced on site.
Underpinning is a method of creating support below the ground for an existing structure. This is required when a structure is either sinking or is showing signs of subsidence. These can appear as cracks in the masonry or concrete of the structure. Underpinning can also be used to create a void below an existing building, or to reinforce existing buildings.

Underpinning is accomplished by extending the foundation in depth or in breadth so it either rests on a stronger soil stratum or distributes its load across a greater area. Mini piling methods can also be used in conjunction with underpinning. A small area below the existing foundation or wall base is excavated, then filled with concrete. We dry pack with non-shrink grout, before excavation of the next section is commenced.


Fortis provides a range of hard-landscaping solutions for domestic and commercial clients. From the laying of a new driveway to patios and pathways, we create paved areas that not only look aesthetically appealing, but also deliver outstanding durability long into the future.

Fortis provides the following services:

  • Block Paving Driveways

  • Gravel/Shingle Driveways

  • Flagstone Driveways

  • Concrete Driveways

  • Tarmac Driveways
  • Driveway Cleaning & Sealing

  • New Patio Installations

  • Pathways & Walkways

  • Pattern Imprinted Concrete

  • Bonded Aggregate Surfacing
  • Permeable Paving

  • Resin Bond Surfacing

  • Resin Bound Surfacing

  • Drainage & Soakaways
Drainage is an important aspect of our work as we can make a big contribution to the quality of an area by ensuring adequate drainage is in place. A full suite of drainage services is available, all designed to ensure your site or home has excellent drainage infrastructure.
For properties constructed too far from existing sewers, or in an area that simply doesn’t have a sewerage system, a cesspit represents an essential waste-holding facility. Cesspits consist of a large chamber designed to safely hold months’ worth of waste generated by a property. While they may have significant capacity, they must also undergo regular emptying.

Modern planning regulations have deemed cesspits as no longer acceptable for new builds or property extensions that need additional drainage or capacity. In their place, drainage and groundwork contractors install sewage treatment plants, a lower maintenance, more cost-effective solution that does not produce the smell commonly associated with cesspits.
In our role as drainage and groundwork contractors, we create soakaways approximately 5 metres away from a property to enhance the drainage of rainwater run-off. During this drainage preparation service, we dig a large hole before backfilling it with plastic crates or debris. The resulting soakaway then does exactly what its name suggests – it soaks excess rainwater away from your property into the ground.

An increasing number of local councils no longer permit the running of rainwater directly from a property into their drains, so soakaways have become a common feature of building and construction work. Property owners receive special dispensation if their soil has insufficient drainage capacity.
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